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Small Telescope vs Guider Scope. Over Payload Capacity?

I am currently looking to add an auto guiding function to my current setup. Current setup being:
- NEQ6 Mount
- SkyWatcher Black Diamond 250/1200 Dual Speed Photo Reflector
- Nikon D7200
I want to get into long exposure DSO imaging and am aware this usually requires a guider of some sort. Also hoping that by using PHD (or similar) I will be able to obtain a better polar alignment.

At the moment I have been looking at two possible scopes:
SkyWatcher 80/400 Achromatic Refractor
SkyWatcher Evoguide 50mm ED Guidescope
Originally I was looking at the refractor as it could be used as a small telescope, its larger focal length and the clamps that came with it. However, I have been told that this may be adding to much weight onto my mount and was suggested the Evoguide instead. I am not sure if the FL would be enough and also concerned about the attachment system as I have heard this type can be prone to flexure. As a beginner I am unsure how big of a problem this is.

The guiding camera I have in mind is the ZWO ASI120MC-S USB3.0 Colour.

I would love any advice on this and apologies cause this question has probably been asked so many times before.
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