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I am just getting back into this after a long hiatus and this time I had the money to put together a much more advanced rig than before.

The polemaster is pretty amazing for alignment. I swear a good quarter of my night was spent drift aligning. And the Vixen SXD2 mount is much smoother than the old second-hand EQ5 I used to have. So I can now do 10 minute subs as opposed to the 30 second subs I used to be limited to.

But I am not seeing big differences between 15x10 min vs 300x30 sec on the bright objects at least.

Of course, I need some dimmer targets to be sure, but for scratching an itch and to have some data to muck around with on a Sunday, I think there's something to be said for the fast imaging philosophy.

Happy Easter too, if that's your thing.
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