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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
On that point what are the best tutorials out there for PI?

I have not seen many of them but the few I have are extremely poor.
More interested in talking about the theory rather than the various simple steps you need to take to process the images like Adam Block or Tony Hallas videos do.

Someone who can communicate.

The original tutorials I used to learn were Harry's:
They are basic but I found them enough to get started.

Warren Keller has a set of IP4AP tutorials for sale:
The first 5 videos from part 1 are free to watch. By the time these came out I was already fairly proficient so I didn't find them that helpful but they would be fine for someone new to PI.

There's a bunch of useful stuff here, including videos and processing examples:

Rogelio has a few interesting articles on his site:

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