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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
I agree that those icons are somewhat arbitrary. I don't know what you could pick that would be an intuitive icon for "make a process image" but you could probably come up with something better for global apply or dynamic preview.
I'm not sure what I'd pick to represent that either, but maybe an icon's not the best choice at all for such a thing.

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
I think a statement that there's nothing intuitive about PI is rather too strong. Perhaps some poetic licence there Most of the GUI is typical drag and drop, menus, scroll bars, etc. They are a little different from the native Windows or Mac versions but hardly difficult to pick up.
Ah yes, I'd fully agree with you there; there's a lot of "standard" controls used and that really does make it more intuitive than I give it credit for. I guess I have a more nuanced perspective.

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Anyway, I think we can agree that the UI is a bit funky. That's partly the price to be paid for cross platform support.
Spot on.

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
I'm happy with robust algorithms, often with references to the original academic papers they came from, with all the parameters visible and tweakable. I agree that's a niche and I think it's fine that PI doesn't appeal to everyone. There are other packages that are simpler and easier to pick up. CCDStack is a good example. I found it easy to learn and got reasonable results from it. I put more effort into learning PI but I get correspondingly better results. Not everybody wants to make that investment and that's cool...

And that's the thing, isn't it? How much do you really want to know, and is that complexity worth it to you? For some, yes, for others, no.

I don't want all the things I've said to be taken as PI bashing by the way. I think it's a great tool and it's the only one I use for image processing. I was just explaining my initial opposition to it, and I can definitely understand why some people stick to that.

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Oh, and being able to write scripts is great if you're a proficient programmer although I wish they'd finish the Python bindings so I don't have to use JavaScript.
haha. Sadly JS is all the rage these days and my 9-5 is almost pure JS. Not really a fan, but I just concentrate on the architectural side of things and try to forget about it.

I think I remember a while ago you posting a script to reduce/eliminate magenta halos from narrowband, which I'll probably have to dig up soon because I hope to start doing my first narrowband stuff soon!
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