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Originally Posted by jase View Post
Totally different cameras Terry. Despite the obvious, back illuminated verses front illuminated, the ST10XME with the KAF-3200ME chip has a well depth of ~77k. That's three times the size of the KAF-8300 well depth! While you'll reach saturation with your camera relatively quick, you've got the benefit of picking up the faint nebulosity in the process. Particularly so when comparing 6.8u pixels verses 5.4u which is probably delivering better sampling. For your photometry work, you need a NABG chip for accurate readings, so the ST10XME wins hands down.
I agree absolutely. I was just making the point that the bright stars saturate very quickly with almost any camera. To get any reasonable signal with nebula needs much more signal than a 5 sec exposure can achieve. The colour of the bright stars will be lost with saturation and they will expand in size on the image as the area of saturation increases. I think the skill is in manageing this star size and still getting a nice image of whatever nebula is being photographed.
This is totally different to my photometry as I don't want the nebula (if present) to be visible. I just wan't the non staurated star image.
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