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Dealer hat off for a bit....

I have to disagree with Jase's thoughts on the KAF8300.

I don't see the well depth causing a "star bloat" problem. Most CMOS devices have individual pixel depth half as much again ( even smaller pixels, lower fill factors) and while they do suffer from surface scattering (due the on-pixel architecture) they don't seem to suffer too much from intrinsic "bloat" due 1000x (or better) ABG protection (as on the KAF8300)

What the KAF8300 can painfully show up due its high sampling is any loss of focus, spherical error or abberations in the optics.

On the sampling side, putting this chip on a, say 10"RC would not be a great choice, but an 8"RC with say an adjustable flattner/reducer it should deliver some excellent results.

Where the ST8300 may be very cool is with camera lenses (!). Sampling would not an issue, low noise and high H-Alpha QE could lead to some delightful wide field imagery....

BTW I put my money where my mouth is, and ordered one for myself today!

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