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Originally Posted by Terry B View Post
And bright stars saturate very quickly.
Using my ST10XME, eta carina (the star not the neb) will saturate through a V filter with a 10sec exposure. A "R" filter will saturate in 5 secs.
The reality is that you have to live with saturated bright stars if you want to also image surrounding nebula.
Totally different cameras Terry. Despite the obvious, back illuminated verses front illuminated, the ST10XME with the KAF-3200ME chip has a well depth of ~77k. That's three times the size of the KAF-8300 well depth! While you'll reach saturation with your camera relatively quick, you've got the benefit of picking up the faint nebulosity in the process. Particularly so when comparing 6.8u pixels verses 5.4u which is probably delivering better sampling. For your photometry work, you need a NABG chip for accurate readings, so the ST10XME wins hands down.
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