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Originally Posted by jase View Post
Indeed. The KAF-8300 probably has the lowest well depth of any CCD camera being manufactured today. At only 25.5k, the imager needs to take much shorter exposures to ensure the brighter stars don't saturate and bloat. This of course limits the amount of dim nebulosity one can obtain in a single sub exposure. Nothing stopping the imager blending both long and short subs though in post processing. 10min subs are probably way too long depending what is in the FoV. The chip has its uses, but based on the small well depth, it requires additional consideration. Personally, I see this chip is a compromise and not for me.
And bright stars saturate very quickly.
Using my ST10XME, eta carina (the star not the neb) will saturate through a V filter with a 10sec exposure. A "R" filter will saturate in 5 secs.
The reality is that you have to live with saturated bright stars if you want to also image surrounding nebula.
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