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Talking of quality of doctors?
About just over 3 weeks ago I had a sharp pain originate on my hip bone and which over the weekend traveled down my leg, causing a numbness on the left hand side of my foot,which is still there.
I was in severe pain and had difficulty walking.
I went to the doctors on the Monday and because of a very small round rash on the bottom of my leg he diagnosed Shingles.
To say the least I was amazed seeing as I didn't think Ihad any classic symptoms of said disease.
He gave me a prescription for some pills and codine for the pain.
As I was heading to Canada on the following Wednesday I asked him if I should cancel as I was not sure that the disease was what he said and the pain was very uncomfortable.
No problem, go on your holiday,Mind you I was supposed to be doing some walking up in the mountains around Jasper Alberta, which I did mention.
After four painful days in Vancouver and with very little to no improvement
I cancelled my trip and flew back home,returning last Tuesday.
The pain has receded somewhat but the numbness in my foot has not and I still have a limp.
I hope the numbness just like the pain will recede and I will be back to normal soon.
Two things I have learnt out of this experience,you know your body better than the doctor,and if in doubt take the safer option.
Lewis,it shows you know your own body.
I will not be returning to that doctor again
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