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What you may find is that there is unlocked and then there is "Unlocked" with the clutches. The axis should be free to move by hand with the clutch unlocked with more or less zero drag otherwise you may have issues with balancing the mount.

The clutches on these purely couple the drive between the ring gear that is driven by the worm (Which is on one of the shafts you could see turning) and the axis itself. They are not like some mounts which have a clutch and a friction lock to stop the axis moving when the clutch is dis engaged.

The clutches and support bearings for the two axis on the AZEQ6 that miker has are a different design to the EQ6 (I have the Orion branded version of the same mount) and in some ways are not as good as the EQ6. Simpler and better in other ways but for more serious astrophotography than I am doing now I can see a different mount in my future as they don't allow for the same degree of setup tuning.
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