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TS 1.25" filter drawer system (4 drawers)

As titled. In good used condition. It is good in systems with tight back focus, or in Hyperstar setting where a filter wheel would not be appropriate.

Asking price: AUD175 + shipping +/- 4% PayPal fees

New these would cost:
AUD$ 265 (66 + 25*4 euro)

Not sure about shipping but should not be more than AUD$20 using economy with no tracking. If you need tracking I can get you a more accurate quote - I think it is around AUD$32. Payment by PayPal please, either friends and family or add 4% to total to cover fees.

If you are in NZ, please convert the AUD price to NZD for price. I will charge actual shipping and of course I can take cash or bank deposit if you are in NZ.