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I have a set of series 5000 uwa's in 6.7/8.8/14 & 20mm... In my SCT & Refractor I love them... sharp as, edge to edge to my eye... however, an unknown quantity for me in a fastish newt as yet but, that will change soon as I'm acquiring a 12" f5 dob.

The 20mm in the 8" SCT on bright nebs is superb, its immersive, almost like being inside the nebula... yes, you have to move your eye around to take it all in but, I actually like that feeling...

The 14mm is IMHO the soft/weak spot in these EPs; nothing precise I can put my finger on just, not as much wow factor for some reason...

I recently acquired a 30mm Explore Scientific 82* EP, equally impressive views, not such an immersive view but, i suspect that is more a factor of fov than anything else...

I'm hoping the Meades work well in the newt I'm getting, if anyone has experience with them in that regard I'd be keen to know.

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