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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Thanks Glen.
Yes I have the Baader, at least without looking☺, I appreciate your comments.
I expect the tilt corrector would be good to put in however now than possibly later.
With it it seems that means I need around 17.5 ...
I purchased a 10 meter usb cable which works so that is a huge step as up North I can now sit inside.
I have the cabling sorted...there is a lot of it☺
And thinking about the zwo box it will only eliminate the new 10 meter cable so I am going with that..less complex which as you indicate is a sensible goal.
I hope you are well.
Yes Alex, getting better, thanks.
With your 10m USB cable, I hope it is an Active (powered) cable? The ASI USB3 cameras have been known to struggle with extension cables unless they are powered. I have a 5 m Active cable plugged directly into a USB3 port on my laptop, that works great.
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