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Woohoo it's clear

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Originally Posted by cometcatcher View Post
That's a fantastic wide view of the region.
Thanks Kevin

Originally Posted by RickS View Post
That's a beauty, Mike! I'm thinking about chasing this object at Astrofest with a DSLR.

Cheers Rick, whatch ya shooting with?

Originally Posted by Placidus View Post
The way you've presented the dust, sometimes obscuring the distant stars, sometimes being lit by the nearest stars, sometimes a bit of each, is wonderful. Then, if one zooms, in, so much detail.

Toward 7 o'clock from the globular is the large and detailed face of a camel or perhaps a yak, with Yoda's Walking Stick on the bridge of the nose between the eyes. It is all there, including a very clear nostril, mouth, and cleft upper lip. I had no idea it was there!

Lovely image.
Thanks a lot Mike, yes a few shapes and figures in this one..I always see Rafiki from the Lion King

Originally Posted by atalas View Post
Well, glad you like it so much Louie
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