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ASI 120MM and ASI174MC


I am having a bit of trouble using Firecapture with my ASI 120MM and ASI174MC.

I can use the ASI 120MM fairly successfully with Firecapture 2.2. However the ASI174 will not display anywhere near its full resolution. I get a smaller resolution than the 120MM and the chip is far bigger.

I can not get the ASI174MC to work at all in Firecapture 2.4 . FC keeps telling me it has lost connection to the camera. I have tried lowering the USB traffic and swapping to and from USB 2 and USB 3 ports.

SharpCap seems to work fine with just about any camera I have. Though it gets a bit flaky with the ASI174 dropping frames and cutting in and out a bit. I think it is just losing frames due to the large amount of data transfer with the ASI174MC. But Sharpcap seems to work pretty well.

One thing that bugs me about SharpCap is the lack of a Histogram feature. Firecapture has a histogram feature that is actually pretty good.

Has anyone had any experience using the ASI174MC ? ARe you willing to share any tips? Also why is my FC 2.4 dropping the connection to the camera all the time?

Thanks in advance
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