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Hi Mike,

I will check into the scopetronix adaptor kits as they look like a quality product.

I heard about the site through one of this months astronomy magzines, just cant remember which one it was as I read a couple on the same day.

I am fairly new to astronomy I got my 1st telescope about 4 months ago, a skywatcher 130mm reflector on an EQ2 mount.

Since getting this I have changed the stock eyepeices for Meade 32mm, 18 WA and 5mm, I also have a Meade electronic eyepeice.

I have webcam, a creative webcam go, but I have not tried it yet and I think it is a CMOS and not CCD so I am not sure how good it will be.

At this stage as I am very new I want to take as many pictures of as many things I can

I have taken a few photos of the moon using a sony dscp-32 held to the eyepeice.
one is here:

Thanks for the help

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