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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Hi guys,

I was sick again but getting better now. You can probably expect my online presence to on/off for a while longer.

1. I will look into the bug that Patrice reported. Also on WebAstro it was mentioned that the "white line" in row 1 reappeared. Probably when the humidity code was introduced. The problem happens when the APT decides to talk to camera (check the camera temperature/humidity...) while the frame reading is in progress.

2. Gilles, I went through a similar thinking a while ago. I even almost decided to convert the Delphi code to c#. For example, the 1000s bug was there only because we are using old Delphi/windows timers which work only for 1000s. There was no bug in the code.

I am also battling with 3 compilers at the moment (firmware, Delphi and c#). Not much fun.

If you want my opinion the proper way would be to forget Pascal and to recode everything. Of course, this is lots of work and I decided not to do it on Windows. But you already have a working indi driver.

For the future compatibility/additions, I don't think there will be that many more changes.
... sorry for you, take care.

About Delphi : this is also where i am now, i've checked additions/modifications against previous version, and now I also think I can keep C driver and report modifications easier, since there is no huge change (I'm not saying that nothing was done !!! sorry )
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