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Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for the post.

Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post
Oh man I can't wait for this update! Gary does this mean we will be able to goto and track the ISS???

To enable SmartTrack, dial up the solar-system object on the Argo Navis
and ensure that the bottom line of the display shows it is in GUIDE mode
or in one of the sub-menus beneath it. GUIDE mode is the mode
that displays the word "GUIDE" and the angles to the target.

SmartTrack then provides tracking rates inherent to the target object
when you are within 5 degrees radius of a satellite or 2.5 degrees radius
of any other type of solar system object.

SmartTrack reverts back to the sidereal rate inherent to the point
in the sky you are observing whenever the target object is not
a solar-system object, or in the case it is a solar system object, whenever
the menu is no longer in GUIDE mode or one of the submenus beneath it,
or whenever the satellite is outside of the 5 degrees radius or any other type
of solar system object is outside the 2.5 degrees radius.

In other words, what SmartTrack tries to do is provide you with a
tracking rate that is appropriate for what you are observing.

If for example you have the MOON dialled up on Argo Navis and are
tracking the Moon, Argo Navis SmartTrack will guide the scope at lunar
rates. If you then grab the ServoCAT handpad and slew well away from the
Moon, beyond the 2.5 degree radius, SmartTrack assumes you are
manually cruising the area and so it reverts back to the sidereal rate.

Originally Posted by mbaddah
Lunar tracking alone would be worth the upgrade. I've been waiting for this for a long time!

Thanks Gary
So as just suggested, lunar tracking is there now too! If you have ever
had your scope setup for a public viewing night or for family and friends,
the Moon is a wonderful target. The ability to keep the area of the Moon
of interest in the eyepiece for extended periods whilst people in the
queue take turns looking at it is a real boon.

You can provide local offsets using the ServoCAT handpad to center the
part of the Moon you are interested in and SmartTrack understands that.

The Sun, planets, comets and asteroids also feature as SmartTrack solar
system objects.

We're excited too!

Best Regards

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