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Originally Posted by Martin Pugh View Post

My other thoughts were the ST8300 OSC - makes things nice and light, and its cooled.

Grateful for some suggestions.

why not use your standard imaging camera with medium format camera lenses like the pentax 6x7?

they work great for me and the lenses are widely available on the used market. you can use the largest or smallest sensors and have plenty of back focus to use a camera + filter wheel + inline focuser such as the PDF

here are some recent examples


PL39000C (one shot color) includes photo of imaging system



other examples of images

One shot color is OK but it always gives poorer results than color sequential unless you downsample after processing. I did it for a year and concluded that the monochrome always gave better results

I have plenty of ONE shot Color images from 2009 on my website under the "latest images" tab that has everything in reverse chronology

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