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hey martin

sounds like fun!

for the solar stuff, i'll defer to the high-res imaging experts, but i assume that you'd get higher res results from a video solution rather than DSLR but i you trade that against a much wider field of view with the DSLR. not sure if the large format video mode on the DSLR is sensitive enough for that kind of work but it would sure result in a lot of data!

for the widefield stuff, the biggest consideration is probably whether you plan to use this mainly at a powered/permanent site or whether you want it to be easily portable and quick to setup and run when you're away camping somewhere. if the former, then i would also lean towards OSC CCD. if the latter, then DSLR has some more appeal.

of course the small pixels are attractive for the high res solar work, but less so for SNR characteristics on the faint fuzzies. will be interested to follow your choice and hear how it goes.

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