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What do you define as wide field Martin? Three degrees? Seven degrees or far higher?

I have been battling with all the various parameters for years to get decent resolution wide fields.

The combination of big sensor with shorter FL very high quality optic. This leads to vignetting and CA and astigmatism due to off axis aberrations. We are trying to beat the laws of Physics here and will not ever win. This can only be overcome by careful processing and control by fine tuning of the light that actually enters the system.

Very short focal length optic will limit the resolution.

There is no easy answer.

All the methods I have worked out for wide fields where the stars are inherently undersampled seem to be getting somewhere.

If the weather permits will apply these methods to data at about 90mm FL and see what happens.

Welcome to the matrix! Take the blue (OSC) or the red (Mono) sensor?

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