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Ok, I've managed to get a few connections happening. Here's my setup so far:

NEQ6 --- EQMOD --- CdC. All happy, talking to each other, slewing and parking. Once I select an object in CdC I can get the mount to slew there. It doesn't seem to track, but I'm working on that.

Guide Camera (ASI290MM) --- PHD2 (via EQMOD) --- Mount. All happy, recognise each other.

Imaging sensor (DMK 51AU02) --- Fire Capture. All happy, talking to each other nicely.

Filter Wheel --- ASCOM --- Fire Capture. All happy, talking to each other

At the moment my idea of an imaging workflow (after hardware setup and connection to software) is:
1. Slew to target.
2. Find and lock on to guide star using PHD2.
3. Start imaging using Fire Capture.

I'm now wondering how software such as APT fits into this. Is it common practice to have PHD2 and Fire Capture operating independently? If so, maybe I don't need to go any futher at this stage. I've ordered a ShoeString focus controller as well, maybe this is where APT will be useful?

Thanks for all help so far.
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