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Why not get a 30m extension lead and place the camera adapter at the destination and not the source. Youíll get a little voltage drop on the AC but most adapters will accept 100-230V. Running the DC that far will require much larger cable. Note cable is typically always referenced as Cross Sectional Area.

Bunnings list the speaker wire as 0.75mm but they also say list 24/0.2 stranded. This means 24 conductors in a bundle at 0.2mm diameter each.

CSA = (0.2/2)^2*3.141*24 = 0.754mm2

I believe the Bunnings listing should state 0.75mm2.

In any case if you are running the DC over a long length you do need to consider voltage drop and the 0.75mm2 is well under sized.

If you are running the AC over the 30m then you must use a cable with insulation suitably rated for the voltage, I.e. 230V as the circuit no longer qualifies as extra low voltage. (Such power cables will typically have a 450V rating or often 0.6/1kV). Note if your extra low voltage cables is run adjacent any power cable then the ELV cable insulation must also be the same rating as the power cable. You must also consider earthing. Either get an extension lead or qualified electrician to run a dedicated circuit.

The insulation of the speaker wire would be extra low voltage at best. I looked on the Olex site for the product and was surprised to see no voltage rating for the product. Resistance is listed for voltage drop calcs. It is an audio cable and Iím not sure of their max voltage rating requirements.
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