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I used EQmod on both the HEQ5 and HEQ6 for many years. Works very well for me in conjunction with Cartes du Ciel (CdC)

You can run EQMod throught the handcontroller set to PC direct mode, but it's prefered to use a dedicated EQDir cable fitted directed between the PC and the mount handcontroller port .

Check you have the latest ASCOM installed (V6.5) if OK then install CdC and finally the EQMod (watch the download site! you look for EQascom download)
Open CdC, click the connect telescope icon, select "EQMod Ascom HEQ5/6"
You may have to confirm the coms port #
You can then use CdC to GOTO, slew, Sync etc etc etc.
Well worth setting up.
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