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Setting up Astrophotography rig

I'm starting from scratch, setting up my gear to do some deep space imaging. I'd welcome any advice regarding which software/drivers to use, as my experience in this area = 0.
Here's my hardware:
Mount - NEQ6 Pro. I've just done the AstroBaby Strip/Rebuild, and added Rowan belt drive kit.

Scope - 180 Mak. Looong focal length, I know, but this is the only scope I have, and I like the challenge.

Cameras - ZWO ASI290MM, DMK51AU02.AS
Guiding - Celestron OAG

Computer - Laptop running Win10, with Linux (Unbutu) installed on a VM. Connection to mount is USB via SynScan hand controller v.5, PC direct mode.

Software - I'm going to use APT. I know there are other options, but my approach is to pick one and get to know it, and I like the look of this package. PHD2 using the ASI290MM for pulse guiding. The DMK-51 will be my main camera, controlled by APT through an INDI server on the VM running Linux.

My first task is to get the mount set up, so need to install drivers. and I'm wondering whether to install EQMOD or skywatcher drivers for the mount. Which would be the best choice with these setups?

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