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setup DMK 51AU02 in PHD2

Hi, I'm having issues with this camera. Running windows 10, I have the drivers installed, it's recognised in Device Manager. Using SharpCap and PHD2 I can select it but there is no image. If I switch to my ASI camera there is an image, but not the DMK, even though it shows up as available in the camera menu. I've tried different USB cables and ports, but no success.
I've recently bought this, and am trying to set it up for the first time.
I'm hoping someone with experience with these cameras could help?

Progress report - it works with Celestron's iCap 2.4, but only when I reduce the frame rate. A relief that it's not a hardware issue...
There doesn't seem to be an option to reduce frame rate from the default 15fps in PHD2, which might be part of the issue. I've got the drivers from DMK installed, so it's recognised in PHD2...
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