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The short time I've had with my newt it has been zero issues with maintenance, and newts are nowhere near as susceptible to dew. I agree that "issues" with newts seem to be overblown. I've had mine in and out of the shed, mounted and unmounted maybe 50 times since april, there has been the odd bump along the way, including a fall off a garden bench, and while i have checked collimation maybe 10 times, I've only tweaked it twice and that was secondary only and mayne a 60second job.

The downside to newts is they are generally long (600, 750mm or so for imagining 6"?) and can only get longer in focal length, reducing cant really happen. Epsilons and sharpstar imaging newts are short, but maybe out of range price wise. Refractors are maybe a bit more flexible in that sense.
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