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Thanks everyone!

To answer a few questions, yeah I've purchased an entire rig minus the scope (obviously) and the camera. (No stock anywhere at present)
My mount is the EQ6-R.
The budget stated is just for the scope.

I guess I should clarify that I'm not expecting perfection here, nor a premium scope for $2k.
I just want the best scope for that money.

It's interesting with the Williams Optics stuff, I've heard this mention of some being good and others not but I'm yet to read an actual review from an owner stating their specific issue?

Thanks @Glend, I'll scratch the ED80 and look at that TS80.

Thanks @jahnpahwa, I didn't know you could do that, I'll check it out!
+1 for z81!

Thanks @raymo. Yeah I hear you so let me rephrase to "reduced" or minimised CA.
I'm realistic that 2000 is a small budget in this world, I just want best bang for buck.
I don't know I want to go the newt route and all the maintenance it entails?
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