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Forget the Skywatcher ED80, it does not colour correct very well, being a Doublet of unknown glass type (Skywatcher no longer publishes data on glass used in ED s).
The TS80 is a very good triplet, details here:

I used to own one and it was a very good astrophotography scope. A reducer corrector is available as well, which increases photographic speed and provides flat field. TS also have a faster flat field 80mm, here:

These scopes are often seen branded as Sharp star, and other brands, but are all built by Kuming United Optics for various retailers.

The Redcat is pretty small in my opinion.
The good thing about getting a scope and a reducer corrector is the focal length options it gives you, whereas a pure flat field scope is singke focal length but often faster. Of course a reducer corrector is something else to buy and that might impact your budget, but most Flat field scopes (triplets to quads, plus, etc) with good glass in the 80mm size are going to be hard to land in Australia at your price point.
Factor in GST and shipping if your buying direct. I have never had a problem with TS direct purchase, but recommend UPS shipping as they handle all the inbound charges for you.

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