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Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
Thanks for the replies,
Do i really need to go up to 8GB of Ram or will the 4GB work?
I found another laptop for not much more,
Would this be a better setup?

Acer Aspire 1 14-inch Celeron-N4020/4GB/128GB eMMC Laptop

I did find this on ebay though:

Storage Type: SSD (Solid State Drive)
Operating System: Windows 10
RAM Size: 8 GB Type:
Brand: HP
Processor Speed: 1.70 GHz
Processor: Intel Core i5 4th Gen 4210u
Features: Built-in Microphone, Built-in Webcam
SSD Capacity: 128 GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 128 GB
Screen Size: 17.3 in
UPC: 888793414354

To be is reads like it is a good setup,
Would this be a good choice?
Sorry for the basic questions.

Thanks again.
That ebay laptop has similar specs to the dells that i have. A bloke up here seems to access old models from his work, cleans them up and sells them for about that price. 8gb ram and decent SSD mean you also have a shot at running processing software on it if you like. i run pixinsight on mine, and while it can be slow to do some things, it gets it done and is reliable. Good to keep electro gadgetry going as long as possible, too... e-waste is pretty bad. Bought my daughter a $500 new laptop for school and my gosh its slow... soooo slow with windows 10. She is going to linux, just so its useable.
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