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Originally Posted by tornado33 View Post
Thanks mate. Once I get into it I use both the fast and slow buttons on the drive corrector hand control and use the fine adjustment dial to deal with the periodic error. The guide star will speed up and slow down at fairly regular intervals. The speed change is not great and easy to deal with. So even though the old Sampson mount has a plastic drive wheel, and the PE is quite large it happens slowly in a way I can easily guide out. The other handy thing is Sharpcaps Polar Align. I can get within arc secs of alignment in only a minute or so and even before fully dark. This means little dec adjustment needed, i just sit back and concentrate on the RA
While I wouldn't give up my average autoguiding errors of just +/- 0.2" I do relate to the hand guiding and love the fact that somone still does it and so well!

How do you make Dec adjustments?

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