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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
You probably donít remember but you mentioned about the 6Ē newt to me in some posts about 3 years ago, so I looked into it and bought one.

Yes I remember, I remember everything I can even remember how many candles were on my birthday cake when I was only five years old. You know I still have not adjusted my eight inch and never did adjust my six inch Newtonian....I also think folk are put off because of adjustement...and ironically I still have not got my 80mm adjusted..getting the distance between the flatner and the sensor has near sent me bats..I still need to fix it after all this time...

Yes sorting out estates is a terrible business I am still sorting out my late father's stuff...he had, well he gave it to me years ago, nice antique furniture and collectables..I thought to sell all of it but it would take me such a long time and I sortta still regard it as when the park is complete I am going to get a shipping container or two and put everything in there ... it will cost money but gets me out of Sydney faster ... like today..I am into working on the roll off but I have to go to town on estate related just never seems to end.
But heck I miss him as he was my best mate...I still see stuff on you tube and immediately think "oh I must show Dad" ...he was quiet as a mouse but pull his tail and you would find you were holding a tiger.
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