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You probably donít remember but you mentioned about the 6Ē newt to me in some posts about 3 years ago, so I looked into it and bought one. I decided to choose the f6 as it had longer focal length at 900mm but still very light at 6kg
Yes folk tend to opt for an 80mm refractor when they first start the hobby which is fine.Maybe the word Newtonian or Collimation scares people away thinking you have to spend so much time aligning mirrors , cleaning mirrors , trying to reach focus etc..... but my 6Ē is a little gem, itís the best all round scope one could use. I first started observing the moon and planets and the views were spectacular. It wasnít until I pinched my wifeís old Canon 600D out of the cupboard , bought a T ring adapter and started snapping unguided images of the Moon , M8 , Omega etc.. that I realised how good this scope really is. 3 years later and Iím using a Cooled OSC camera , guiding , dithering , darks , flats , stacking , processing..... and the real performance of this little 6Ē scope shows now
In regards to the OSC camera , you definitely need a filter in light pollution if you want to push longer subs. If you happy with 60 sec subs then you can get by with out it
At a dark site you probably only need the filter when the moon is +30% lit but I havenít been down the coast to try it. Iíve been busy over the last month sorting out my Dads estate ( he passed back in April aged 92 ) helping my son and his wife find a new home, a few minor health issues so havenít had time to get away for weeks at a time down at my weekender dark site but hope to get away next week and again through October and get some imaging time under Bortle 3 skies
Thanks so much for your kind flattering comments , appreciate it
Thumbs up to the 6Ē Newt !!!!

Raymo ,

The day I imaged remotely, totally automated, no intervention from the comfort of a lounge room or bedroom is the day I give the hobby away.
Thanks for you lovely comment too

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