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Martin clearly your magnificent image has left everyone really is fantastic.
I really like it as to me it looks very natural over the results one gets via narrow band..which I also like if done to excess.

Colour needs to be subtle or full on.

I just had what I think is a good idea...with each image post add a photo of the rig. I bet many folk miss the fact that so much of your work comes via a 6 inch Newtonian Telescope..and maybe on it's side in 3 inch high letters...SIX INCH APP. And think for all those questions about what scope should I get it seems to me that the six inch would be a no brainer. You know the answer often is to get a 80mm refractor..I would love to see how your six compares to my 80mm as I suspect the six would leave it in the dust...anyways well done...further your efforts has me thinking to get one of those fancy one shot colour cameras...but do I need to get any of those fancy filters for my dark site?
How come you are spending so much time in Sydney?..I hope you are not wasting your time working.
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