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M17 Swan (Omega) Nebula in Mono

Captured 2 hrs on M17 last night in Sydney Bortle 8 under a clear moonless sky. A very light NE breeze until 10.30pm kept the dew away
6 f6 Bintel newt
EQ6-R Mount
ZWOASI2600MC OSC camera with a Baader coma corrector and 2 ZWO Duoband filter
Ascom control
Cooled to -10C
50 x 2 minute dithered guided subs
20 x darks
20 x flats ( 0.96 sec 19000 ADU )
PHD2 guiding 1.00 to 1.20 arc sec error total
Tracking and Goto EQMOD, StellariumScope and Stellarium
Frame , Focus and Captured with APT
Sub fit files reviewed in ASTAP
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Startools V1.5 Linear OSC data set
Decided to skip the colour module and present the image in Mono

Comments most welcome
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