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The TSA120 is a beautiful scope suited to visual and to photography, but it's only 120mm, so as long as you're aware the limitations of that aperture I doubt you would find a finer scope.

I have owned the TSA120 as well as a binoscope I made from a pair of them and found them great for up to 250x-300x in very good seeing conditions. Cooling down to ambient depends on the temperature delta at the time but an hour is as much as mine ever needed.

Their stock focuser is fine and its feel can be easily adjusted.

As for the suggestions of a Newtonian on an EQ mount as a visual instrument I think that is the stuff of neck pain and frustration with the eyepiece ending up in very inconvenient locations and angles.......

The TSA120 paired with Tak's Extender 1.5x ED works well......... as for imaging.... you would need to ask someone else.
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