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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Thanks for the kind comments, although I wouldnt necessarily class my 6 f6 as a big newt
I have an 8 f5 at my dark site and some folk use 10 f4s and 12 f4s too , nevertheless its been a great scope for over 3 years. It was advertised on the Bintel website back then as a great visual scope which can also do lunar and planetary imaging but not imaging with the larger sensors , I think Ive ruled that out over 3 years imaging with both DSLR APS-C and OSC cooled APS-C sensors
Thanks too
My mistake Martin, I must have been thinking of your 8". In that case I've gained an appreciation of what the 6" version is capable of matched with a new OSC camera.
Looking forward to more images as you gain experience with the 2600.
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