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Originally Posted by Stonius View Post
Is this to insulate it from the cold for better performance?
Yes. Batteries don't like cold and anything one can do to help is worth the effort in my view. Ask a car battery dealer when they sell the most batteries and I bet the answer will be the start of winter..the cold pushes a failing battery over the edge .I have lived for years with deep cycle batteries and solar power, no grid power, and this is one of the things I try and take care of...and dont run them down. Folk make the mistake of not realising that us use only a percentage of their rating for a start ..I try too not drop below 12 volts ..or if I think I will use 20 amps max I look for a 100 amp or higher battery..I needed 100 for the observatory but went for 120..I need 300 for the van but went 440..just rules of thumb but what you don't want is an approach that has you running a battery until it is flat to leave it healthy as possible while it waits for a recharge... I have never put a hot water bottle in the battery box but the temperatures here of late has me thinking may be a good time to start...I don't have a box for what was to be my observatory battery but it sits on some thick ply which sits on some was to be housed in a covered utility box but I have not got to making that yet as my plans have had many set backs this year and new unexpected projects added..nevertheless I did my best by having that battery in the caravan annex and reasonably insulated from the ground. My 440 for the van, three batteries each have a plastic box and under a bench..gel for safety.
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