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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
If your HEQ5 mount came with a Synscan hand controller version 3.5 or above then I can show you how to polar align. The hand controller has a feature for polar alignment routine which I have used for nearly 4 years with good accuracy ( down to 1 arc minute )
Before the PA routine you will have to set your tripod to face true celestial south , then set your mount head to home position , then balance your mount , then polar align ( I have written instructions for all these procedures)
I have all the written procedures ( my way is old school but it works every time , no iPhone apps or software programs etc.. that can come later ...,
Let me know if your hand controller has the PA routine , itís in Menu > Set Up > Alignment > Polar Alignment
Thanks Martin, i should receive it all tuesday or wednesday next week. I will be in contact
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