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Back again.

Hey just like to share my story.

In 2015 i purchased my first setup after getting a little nat geo telescope as a gift for Christmas. I fell in love straight away. Anyway i ended up purchasing a HEQ5 Pro GoTo Mount and a Bintel BT200 f/5.

After trying to set it up time after time i just couldn't get my head around it and didn't give it the time it deserved. I did manage to take some nice photos of the moon and one decent one of Jupiter before i sold the mount.

I have now purchased myself a new Saxon HEQ5 Pro Mount and still have my old bintel f/5. Once i had sold my old setup i really got into astrophotography with my Sony a7ii & my wide angle. So what i have learnt in the time away i really cant wait to get setup and learn how to use the mount correctly and start to imagine the night skies!

If you made it this far thanks.

Kind Regards , Jay
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