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Basic equipment can still achieve

Hi all, thought I'd just let all you beginners out there know that you don't need to get fancy expensive equipment to take nice shots. Last night I placed a stock Canon 550d (nearly 10 years old) with it's 55-250mm zoom kit lens on a tripod with ball head on a Sightron Nano Tracker. I reckon you could probably buy the whole setup second hand for under $600, less if you already have a camera and lens. All you need is a little knowledge on how to polar align the tracker, some processing skills using mostly freeware programs downloaded from the Net and a program like Photoshop to make adjustments to your final image. The 30 second subs I took for this were shot at 3200 iso and I only took 40 of them. They were taken from an outer Melbourne suburb in Bortle 6 skies.

The low resolution image here doesn't do justice to the end result but viewed at full resolution on a large screen it looks great.
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