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Hey every one,

Got some good testing in tonight with interesting results.

So from the start position the mount is tracking to fast, middle is tracking quite well, and towards the end it is tracking too slow. Having said that, at the middle of the platform i was able to have mars in the center of view or my asi462 with a 3x barlow, 600x600 for 10 minutes before clouds came over and swallowed Mars

Now from my understanding the stepper motors speed do not change dependent load. so i believe it is either due to the direct drive system minutely slipping or my vertical sectors are not correct.

i can rationalize the slipping as its faster when the weight of the platform is on the left of the drive shaft pushing the platform right. Where as it at is slowest when the majority of the weight of the platform is on the right hand side of the drive shaft and the motor is trying to pull up the platform with the platform wanting to fall in the opposite direction. i have no idea if i am explaining this in a way any one is going to understand!!

however i need some help determining if the vertical sector shapes could be an issue? for the life of me I cant figure out if the slow and fast speeds mentioned above could come from the sector shapes being incorrect?

Anyway, if any one knows if either of the above two things could be the issue please let me know.

Kind Regards,

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