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Originally Posted by jahnpahwa View Post
I think as a general rule, if the question is "should i buy a telescope?", the answer is "yes". Whether that one is the one, i dont know

Things to compare it to:
Astrotech 60... people really seem to love that scope on cloudy nights and i think its very reasonably priced

William optics zenithstar 61? Pretty well proven performer.

A camera lens of similar focal length.

Lots of people seem to love the william optics redcat.

Takahashi fc60. Not sure of the price of the radian, but maybe the tak with flattener isn't too much more of a premium to pay? This will also almost certainly be a more flexible scope that is also beloved as a visual performer.

I also have to confess that I've read nothing about the radian.

Whatever you get, I'm sure you'll have fun with it!.
yes.. but f ratio and weight is the reason I was looking...

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