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Originally Posted by garymck View Post
Thanks for all the replies:

I think the mesh/range extender may be worthwhile to investigate. I had wondered whether adding a unit inside the house to pick up a signal but on a wall nearest the obs would work, but was worried that the metal shed would block the signal. Bojans's antenna suggestion may get around that.

Will an extender at the obs be sensitive enough to pick up a very weak signal from the house? Perhaps an extender at the house and an antenna at the obs?

Running wires through the roof would be ideal, but with heating and cooling ducts everywhere, I'm not sure my 68 yo body would be up to the contortions to run it!

Even with the mesh solution I would recommend running a cable to the point where you intend to install the additional access point, even if you need to get an electrician in to do it. You will get a significantly better result than a "Wi-Fi extender will produce".

Is there an entire shed between the house and the observatory? If that is the case I would just bite the bullet and run a cable out there (again even if you need to get someone in to do it). Whilst this may seem like an expensive option it is the most reliable and is proven to work.
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