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How to extend network to backyard obs?

looking for suggestions on how to get a network connection (reasonable fast for remote imaging).

The situation:
My modem router is an Asus RT-AC88U hooked up to cable internet. It is located in the centre of the house and provides wifi coverage at good speeds over the whole interior of the house.
The obs is far enough away (about 25 metres) and shielded by multiple walls and made of steel, so no wifi.
I cannot directly connect a cat6 cable to the router as access is only via underfloor and extremely limited (took 2 guys nearly 4 hours using long probes and stuff to get the cable internet installed!!).

I tried networking over powerline, but the circuit is poor and speeds terrible.

My thought was to hook a network cable directly to my indoor PC and the obs PC and network them together, sharing the internet from my indoor PC. This would need a 50 metre outdoor rated cable to run out window, over carport roof, and along fence!!! A bit of a cludge but doable.

Any other suggestions? a wifi extender solution that would work? Antennas?I have no experience with these and don't know what speeds to expect....

Help gratefully received
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