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Originally Posted by casstony View Post
Is that lights only Greg?

Yes no darks or flats or biases.

How does the EOS R compare to other FF cameras you've used?
Very well. Its a mirrorless so its quite easy to use with its interfaces and nice touch screen. Its lowish noise perhaps not Sony low noise but pretty good. No star issues with it which is becoming rarer and good colour.
No colour speckle in the shadows as well. A winner.

Originally Posted by cometcatcher View Post
Nice. The dust stretches out of field.
Yes its not all of it.

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Humm...some much good stuff going on there...but the highlights are totally blown out. Back them off a tad and you'll have a ripper image
I'll have to go back to the RAWs as the latest image won't correct the blown highlights. I'll do that.

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