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Important: this method will only work accurately on hard flat reasonably flat surfaces like concrete , paved or tiled areas etc. it won’t be accurate on dirt or grass etc...
The dowel will cast a shadow line about 12mm wide and 500mm long along the ground towards the south. Mark a thin texta line or score the ground with a tile cutter from the central base of the dowel along the centre of the 12mm wide shadow toward the end of the shadow or south. I actually extended the line on the ground longer to about 1 metre so setting up the tripod is easier to align on this “ South Celestial Pole” line

This line you just marked on the ground is now pointing True South and will be used all the time to set up your tripod
Make sure the area you choose is reasonably flat and has a good view of the sky in all directions as best as possible
Does the above now make sense ?
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