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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Very good result there Paul and much better than your GSO effort and yes you are just starting to reveal the very faint outer bow is FAINT!

Although I am sure you are still feeling disappointed, you must feel somewhat relieved to see good data finally coming from the new scope?

Thanks Mike. Yep that bow shock is very faint. I might double the amount I have collected and see how that lands. This is one nice aspect of this scope, it is fast, I see why you were excited about now.

Yeah the disappointment is still there but finally getting results is easing that now. I am also looking forward to seeing how much of a difference Stefan's workmanship will make to the Wynne now too. If that allows me to use a larger sensor I'll be very happy.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
Really nice Paul, there is always that temptation to process before you've collected all of the data you want when the weather isn't great

You appear to be getting really good stars across your frame now though!
Thanks Colin, I usually process out the detail layers and never the colour, so as to prevent me taking it any further.

Yeah nice stars all the way out but not always. I have noted I get some distortion below 55 degrees and think this is the secondary slightly moving. Time to apply a bit move silicone to reduce the movement. It is most likely just movement in the microns.

Originally Posted by Joshua Bunn View Post
Wow! That is a beautiful rendition, nice star colour too!
Thanks Josh, I do like the star colour that is produced by these coatings. Very little manipulation at all.

Originally Posted by Ryderscope View Post
Gee whiz,what a fascinating PN with those concentric layers. The field is looking nice and flat across the image. A very nice result Paul.
Thanks Rodney, the interesting thing is there a many of these little objects out there. Lots to image, not all of them as nice as this though.
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