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Originally Posted by brian nordstrom View Post
At 500x where a good 10 inch is still not breaking a sweat , the Dob mount has run it's race and it gets hard fast really fast , true my friend .
On a traditional nudge-mount Dob I'd agree that really high magnifications are an exercise in frustration. But bluesilver says he has the goto 10", which assuming has been turned on and set up correctly should allow several minutes of centered viewing (my 8" goto dob certainly does!). Even when your target drifts too far, the handcontroller makes it it easy to bring it back.

Won't be as good as a decent EQ mount, but for visual it'll do the job perfectly well. If bluesilver hadn't said their Dob was goto, getting a goto mount for the Mak would have been a pretty big plus!

Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
I do have good clear unpolluted skies here, nearest street lights / town lights are a good few kilometres away and i live on a 200 acre farm property.
As a suburban dweller, that is a problem I'd love to have!

Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
So from the sounds of things so far, as a few have advised me, my eye pieces i am trying to use for DSO's are not right, i need wider ones, around the 25 mm.
That helps explain a lot to start with.
A think a good widefield eyepiece would be an excellent addition to your kit. How wide? Well, that depends on what you want to look at. If you google telescope FOV you will find a few tools that will let you visualise the view you will get with different eyepieces on your scope on well known objects - second best thing to being able to try one yourself (which is hard if you don't have any clubs nearby).

IMHO, your current kit-25mm is enough to get you started, though it is what it is. Given you have a 10mm Delos, you obviously are not afraid of spending up to get quality eyepieces (and like eye relief or wear glasses?). Use what you have while you save up for a nice wide eyepiece.

Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
But from what you just mentioned, they are only to get you close.
I will have to do a bit of a search on videos to find out about the refining part of it.
When you say tweak the screws, are you referring to the primary ones or the secondary ones?
I am guessing the primary? also guessing tricky by yourself.
As Brian says, collimation tools will only ever get you close to collimated. Neither laser nor cheshire will get you spot on! To me the big plus with lasers is that once you are practiced they are pretty quick and remain easy to use in the dark, but cheshire's have their simplicity and it is good to be able to check against yourself.

But also be wary of the spending so much time and effort chasing the perfect collimation. Obviously your tools are not getting you close enough on their own, so go for the defocused star method to further tweak, but know you can end up spending a lot of time and effort chasing your tail (and that chews up valuable viewing time!).

The primary is probably what you need to adjust (unless you start way off!). I'd suggest getting some Bob's Knobs if you haven't already - fumbling allan keys in the dark is NOT fun.

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