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Yes, after reviewing the replies it appears that is the answer.
I have a GSo Collimator and thought about upgrading to a fairpoint one.

But from what you just mentioned, they are only to get you close.
I will have to do a bit of a search on videos to find out about the refining part of it.
When you say tweak the screws, are you referring to the primary ones or the secondary ones?
I am guessing the primary? also guessing tricky by yourself.

I have had a few looks at you picture, but will need to do a bit more research to find out exactly what i am looking at unfortunately.

I have always collimated it before i take it outside, and now after reading all this, i think this is another part of my issue.
As i have it on a trolley with solid caster wheels, when wheeling it out, it does vibrate and shake the scope a bit with the small bumps and joins in the concrete. I am guessing this isn't helping my collimation by the time i get it to my viewing spot and then lift it over to it, but it shouldn't move the mirrors that much should it?

But i have noticed sometimes when i have done the collimation, taken the laser out, then put it back in, that it has changed minutely, as if the laser it out a tad.

But will do a bit more video research on the fine tuning side of things.

Appreciated heaps.

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